Commissioned Music:

A special Gift

Commissioned Music:

Would you like to commission a musical work for your project, or as a gift?

As a multi-instrumentalist Michael Johnson has been composing for ABC radio and television, SBS, film, Australian Ballet performers, choirs, orchestras, community celebrations and significant events. His commissions are regularly performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre and aired on national radio and television. Commissions can be created to suit most musical preferences and budgets ranging from personal gifts to large scale orchestral productions. Below are some samples of previous commissioned pieces.

Morning Mist

Riding the Waves

Lilly's Lullaby

Anthea's Wings

The Sacred Garden

Heloise and Abelard

Smell of Dust after Rain


A Celebration of Life

Michael's music is regularly used as a gift to welcome a new soul into the world, as a gift to the new baby.
While these gentle pieces of music may be played at the birth providing a calming and meditative atmosphere, they frequently follow the children as they grow to be used as their own personal lullaby. A specific piece of music can be commissioned for this special purpose.

Milestone Music

Milestones in music are commissions to write pieces to commemorate the important milesones in life, such as engagements, weddings, graduations, the start of a new career.

Requiem and Memmoriams

Commission pieces to commemorate a loved-one who has passed.

Wellness package

With Michael's long and celebrated career composing music for meditation at the Gawler Foundation, he is frequently asked to write music for meditation CDs, performing in his own unique improvisational style to create Harp Meditation © music. This music is a most appropriate gift for people recovering from a serious illness or simply to aid a friend in increasing their sense of peace and calm.

Mental Health Package

Michael uses his harp music at Delmont Psychiatric Hospital to aid the practice of mindfulness meditation, to overcome stress, inspiring a deep feeling of joy and connectedness. A series of very prescriptive compositions commissioned for this very special purpose has often been gifted by family members to help a loved one in need.

Palliative Music

Michael is regularly called upon to play his meditative harp music to people who are reaching the end of their lives. He demonstrates a unique quality to tune into the sick and dying person and to contribute towards greater inner peace with his beautiful music and meditations. This music can be recorded as a commissioned piece to play at the bed side of your loved one. Michael can play this piece and provide a harp meditations as palliative music.

Documentary Music

With many years experience in putting a score to documentaries, Michael uses his compositional skills as a powerful emotional tool to enhance the narrative of a story. Always working with the director to use the music to move with the changing landscape and imagery.

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